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In the last lesson, we showed you how to use Rentracks Dashboard (DB). You could see on DB all information about your campaigns and how many sales you have made, included approval rate. However, there is sometimes a ratio of failed sales, which is rejected by suppliers and you will not receive commission from them. Today, we would like to show you what are the most common reasons of sales rejected and how to avoid them. 

Common reasons of sales rejected

Below are the most common reasons for rejection you should know. They do not always happen but you may see them when running campaigns.

The order come from other publishers

With last-click rule from almost campaigns, the commission is calculated for the Publisher who has the last link, which users click to before purchasing products. So the Publishers who have links were clicked by customers earlier will be rejected and not receive commission. 

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Fraud orders 

Some Publishers try to make more commission by cheating and creating a large amount of fraud orders. It means the orders are not made by real customers, but made by bot or Publishers themselves and not paid successfully. This action is banned at Rentracks and rejected certainly. Publishers with repeated mistakes may be banned from that campaign or worse, all Rentracks’s campaigns. 

Return of goods 

Affiliate marketing is a process of several steps, from the moment that users visit your site until they purchase products by finishing payment on supplier’s site and not having any request for return/refund after that. Each supplier has their own rule for time of return allowed. For almost CPS campaigns, if customers make the request for return/ refund, that order is considered as failed sales and Publisher will not receive commision.  

Orders rejected 

If customers do not want to receive the parcel when it arrives, especially with COD (cash on delivery) payment, that order is marked as failed sales and Publisher will not receive commission. However, suppliers always want to avoid it by reducing the COD payment method using rate. They try to make many good offers and promotions for others payment methods such as bank transfer or debit/credit card. On the other sides, some suppliers do not allow COD payment as a solution for improving successful orders. 

Payment is not made

Some customers do not finish the payment in the last step of their purchasing process. There are many reasons such as internet down, payment method getting trouble, or customers changing their mind…etc. In this case, the order is considered as failed sales and Publisher will not receive commission.

Other reasons

There are still some other reasons for sales rejected. If your sales rejected reason is not related to anything above, please contact to Rentracks’s supporters and learn more.

How to avoid failed sales?

There is always a ratio of failed sales in each campaign, but you can do some solutions to reduce and make it as low as possible. Beside of the efforts from suppliers and Rentracks to improve successful orders, you should:

  • Never try to cheat or make fraud orders.
  • Try to improve the traffic quality by not using spam traffic, junk email lists or any hacking to increase followers, subscribers…
  • Understand your traffic insight, such as gender, age, location, income, interest… to choose the best fit campaigns
  • Smartly links putting in the whole customer purchasing journey, in order not to skip any chance of their clicking.
  • Read Rentracks blog carefully to get knowledge, tips and advices for improving your sales
  • Keep in touch with Rentracks supporters for any help needed while running campaigns

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